Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is Barney. He is a lazy rat terrier. As you can see he has protected his chewies. Barney is my side kick in the house and Fred is my outside/trail riding dog. The neighbors and us share Fred. They call him Muttly when he's up there. Any time we are gone camping or whatever he goes to the neighbors and comes home when we do. The neighbors have two of his puppies and once in a while he brings them down to visit.
Barney is a different story. He had never been outside when we got him 6 or 7 years ago. He was 1 1/2 years old when we got and VERY distrustful. But we have been socializing him through camping and he is blossoming into a social butterfly but after he has visited he's ready to get back on the couch in the trailer and nap.
Barney is the wimpy one and Fred is the protector. Nice to have these guys when hubby is gone working away from home during the week. Love my animals!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hello everyone!!! Today is my 50 something birthday. I am trying to talk hubby into going for a short ride today but we've had a lot of rain this last week so I imagine the trails will be slick in places. I'll have to use my 4 mule drive!!! Now attached are my granddaughters first exposure to riding. I say she's ready to meet the mules!! Doesn't she look like she's having a blast. Imagine her and Eve in 5 years!!!!!!!! Wooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

This week's rides with Jeanie

I have been feeling a bit down here lately and I thank God every day for the blessings I have in my life. One big blessing is having a wonderful friend like Jeanie. She allows me to ride her personal mule whenever we get together. Her mule is a blast to ride. BIG mule. She just bulldozes through whatever you ask. Be careful what you ask!! We took a few pictures Thursday when we rode and Jeanie got some shots of me that were very different from most pose and shoot deals. I also got a picture of the bridge in the background. That is how close we ride to the highway and no one ever knows we are out there. Very nice relaxing rides. Every once in a while we'll get a little wild on our rides but we feel like we need either Bill or Tom to guide us. If they fall into a hole we won't go that way. But the guys are much more adventuresome. When we rode last Sunday the trail was muddy and slippery but Thursday's ride was great. Of course there were a few mud holes but the mules just plodded right through. Hope you all have a great weekend and those of you that ride I hope you get a chance to ride. We're suppose to go to a fun show on Sunday and that's my birthday. We'll see.