Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mocassin's first "ride"

We are getting ready for the Iowa Donkey and Mule Society State Show and Futurities. Bill took Mocassin for a pony tonight for the first time. She obviously didn't like it at first but she got better as we went. We'll try again tomorrow night and I think that will help her a lot. She will be shown in the 2009 Molly Futurity this year. I believe she will be Bill's next mule.
Then I will show Rosie in a few things. We usually either do walk trot or Women's Western Pleasure, then I'll try the mulemanship, trail and I think that's it on Saturday. Then Sunday are all the games. Now know that Rosie and I are not real fast but we are precise and we did place in last years games - I think I placed twice in the pantyhose race and once in the relay race. This year we'll do whatever we are eligible for. Egg and spoon, barrels, poles, keyhole or pylon alley or whatever they call it, pantyhose race, relay race. I think that's it. I'll be dog tired after that.
Our nearly 15 year old granddaughter will be riding Eve her tusty mount. She usually does walk trot and sometimes western pleasure, pantyhose race, egg and spoon, maybe pylon alley but she is a bit shy and she doesn't want to try the other games because she doesn't understand how they work. She wants to do the surf board race but Papa refused to pull her and if I had tried we'd still be trying to get Rosie to stop. I'm gonna have Tom work on that this winter. The grandkids for the most part will take Rosie and Eve - I am getting ready to get my 3 year old back from the trainer. She won the 2006 Molly Futurity out of 19 colts. I sent her to a wonderful trainer who is likely to win herself a trophy saddle this year with her in the three year old futurity or the junior (5 & under mules) mule. I am so excited about this colt as this is one we raised. I really hate to go from an 11 year old WELL broke mule to a three year old but I truely believe the traine has her about as well broke as any 3 year old can be. She has been showing her all over in Northern Iowa and Southern and Central Minnesota and winning right and left. Won a western pleasure class at a horse show and the trainer was the only one with mules there. She won a timed trail class earlier this week. Anyhow as you can see I am really proud of this mule. I chose not to train this mule as I am not as good a rider as I was at 14-18 or so. I raised a family and could not afford to have equine as I was a single mom. So I took about 35 years where I only rode a few times. It doesn't take much to scare me out. My first mule was an idiot and she did several things to me but the worst for me was the run off. That was it with that mule and that's how I got Eve then eventually Rosie.
Holy cow MJ. I didn't aim to write a book but I guess you can tell that I do love my mules. A few years ago I never thought I would say those words but "try it you'll like it!!!!".
Wish me luck and hopefully I'll have some pics to post after the show.

Getting ready for the big show

Boy this has been a busy week and next week will be even worse. We went to Des Moines today to pick up my layaway of my silver and black glittery rail shirt and boots. Ended up getting Bill a new pair of boots. He wears his cowboy boots all the time and I can never keep a pair we might even be able to call them "good" boots. But he truely wears his out. Anyhow by the time we left Hawkeye Tack and Western Wear we spent another $320 (counting the boots - expensive!!) with EZ All body wash, the little razors you use by hand, moisturizer for Mocassin's coat blah blah blah. Now I am exhausted and I really wanted to ride Rosie today. Maybe I'll take a quick nap then take a quick ride. Sounds good - see ya later!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mules and Rain

These are pictures taken off my front porch this morning as it was pouring down rain. Jane has backed herself into the hostas and I'm not sure how she figured that would help. She is such an independent little gal. You'll always find her with the big mules and her momma no where in sight. Had our mares ultrasounded last week. We have one mare of two that settled and we have a mare that belongs to Sue White that settled. She is a big quarter mare - bay roan. Can't wait to see what she has. Well the next babies are growing and next spring we'll just have one to mess with and it should be an awesome baby by the time it has to leave. Sorry to those of you who cannot step out the door and see their equine friends. Great therapy!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Jeanie and I fit in two riding sessions this week but the trail was too slppery on top to run through it. I also took the time to snap a shot of the Des Moines River looking north. Sometimes we ride north of this spot and get on the sand bar and actually into the river a little bit. This is always a great ride and it can be made quite challenging if a person wanted too. But my point is how fitting for Jeanie and I to ride this week as we are both banging around inside our heads for the same reason - losing a loved one. We definately needed to be together and she is just beginning to start sharing with me some of what she went through losing her husband. We will support one another through this and find that it's OK if we have some fun as we are greiving. What a concept huh? Who would think riding a mule would be better than a month of weekly visits to the psych doc. Hey you guys have a great weekend. I'm gonna ride my own mule sometime today and maybe I'll get some pics on that ride.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Working on mental health

Finally got hubby to go for a ride after having mares ultrasounded on Saturday. We had family only visitation at 4 PM then came home and had 3 mares ultrasounded. One is open but she is an old mare and I think we're getting down to where she can only conceive every other year. So one of our mares settled and Sue White's big bay roan mare settled. Sue has my 3 year old and she has made her an awesome western pleasure mule. Took 2nd in walk trot at the Minnesota Donkey and Mule Club state show and 1st place in western pleasure at an all horse show. She will show her at Bloomfield the end of this month in the three year old futurity which is halter, western pleasure, and trail. She won the molly futurity in 2006 against 19 nice molly mules.
Anyhow I snuck up on hubby putting on his spurs. Then we grabbed a couple of pics along the road as we got too much rain the last couple of days to get too near the river. I was ridin' so I wasn't complainin' bout where we rode!! These mules are much better than any mental health professional no offense ment!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Riding again

Jeanie and I rode again on Thursday. We got pretty wild for a couple of older chicks and ran through the timber with her chasing me. I was the bad guy with the red shirt (above) and her and Jenny had to catch us. We yelled and screamed and ran and played like 10 year old kids. WHAT A BLAST!!! You can always count on Jeanie for a good time. Now tell me what the back of this shirt says. Have a great day and watch for rainbows - that will be my father-in-law saying "Hi.".

Friday, August 7, 2009

In Memory of Willis R. Garman

Bill is with the Lord now. I am sure he is so happy to be there. He has been talking to him for 77 years and he's finally received the honor of meeting him. This tired marine is now sleeping the eternal rest. Pray for his children and his widow. Thank you all.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These are some of the last pictures taken of Bill's dad. One was taken at the 2009 Garman reunion and the other two pictures were at Bill and Rita's home while the boys worked on the roof. Paul and Margie (my Bill's sister) are with Bill and I in the one picture at their home and the other picture is Margie with her dad.
I am certainly glad I bought a digital camera this year as I have taken more pictures then I have ever taken in my life. I keep telling Bill we need to document the things we do especially with the mules because our grandchildren will want those some day.
Bill's dad is still with us but slowly drifting away. He's working on getting his wings.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Bill's dad is heavily sedated in the Comfort Hospice House. He has periods when he just doesn't breath for several seconds but he is one tough dude and his heart is still strong but eventually he will just stop breathing and we will all be grateful. The family is getting closer every day to letting him go. This process just sucks and that's all I can say. This family is pulling closer for the most part. It's kind of a lesson on what really is important. Definately makes you take a look at priorities. When this tired Marine passes we will all be so sad but grateful that he no longer suffers. Soon we hope. Thanks to all for listening to the rambling of the crazy mule lady. This last year and a half have been so tough. Mom had heart bypass surgery on 2/14/08 the day after her 72 birthday then we got 1" of ice and I couldn't get to her until 5 days later (I should have just stayed - hindsight's 20/20) several clots in her right leg which dislogded and ended up in her lungs. The cavity around her lungs filled with fluid (2100 ml altogether) and we nearly lost her. Then my mother in law had heart bypass surgery one year ago today and had to have anesthesia and open heart surgery twice as she was bleeding somewhere into her chest and they had to open her chest again to stop the bleed. We just began to get her back on her feet and moving again when Bill's dad began passing blood in his urine somewhere around October or November and to make a long story short he had his bladder and prostate removed with prostate cancer that had spread to his pelivc bone and right hip and femor. He had radiation treatments but it didn't affect any of the tumors and during all that he had a pathological fracture to his pelvic bone that he and the docs decided would not be operated on and the rest has already been told. Please say a prayer that he will be taken home soon. Thanks a lot!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daddy's and their girls

I have been pretty busy with work and Bill's dad is now at the Comfort House Hospice house to get his pain and nausea under control. I don't know that he'll come home from there but we are all aware that it is nearly time for him to go home. We will all greatly miss him and I am so blessed to have been able to have him for a small part of my life. I lost my father 24 years ago and I was definately "daddy's girl". My father-in-law has been like a father to me for the last 17 years and this is just like loosing dad again. So anyhow I thought I would attach a picture of our youngest granddaughter who is also a "daddy's girl". Thank God for her. Her daddy (our youngest son) thought he could never be a good dad. Imagine that!! God bless you all and I pray that my daddy comes and brings my father-in-law home soon. Tammy I want you to know I'm also thinking about you losing your "daddy".