Monday, July 27, 2009

These are pictures of the Drakesville Mule Show. Top left is Tom Rabideau jumping Chesney. Top right is me on the rail with the turquiose blouse and Tammy Rabieau on the right on Chesney. Second row left is the line up in Walk Trot. Last picture is Rosie and I. We had sooo much fun. We're not all that fast but we have just as much fun as the ones who are fast. I love riding my mule so I really don't care what we do whether it's riding or showing but I would MUCH rather trail ride. That's where we both have the most fun and confidence.

Bill however decided - or I guess Nellie decided - to show he could do an 8 second ride. He put a tie down on her and pulled it WAY down. When he got to the arena he asked her for a lope and when she got to the end of the tiedown and it pinched her nose she went into a full out bucking mode. Spectators say all 4 of her feet were above the arena fence. As his family jewels are taking a severe beating he decided he was going to have to jump off. Got one foot caught in the stirrup and did the splits. I reckon he's pulled EVERY groin muscle along with bruising his testicles. Then later he decides he'll do the surf board race. Riding Nellie again and not sure if she'll just run off or not he only dallied twice around the saddle horn. When he got to the east end he started to loose the rope and it was burning his hands so he let it go. Well there was a small knot on the end of the lariat and it spun around VERY QUICKLY and snapped him in the belly. He has a welt 6" by 2" there.

Then I stepped of my mule and rolled over my right anklle on a rock. Could barely walk but got my mule untacked and fed then went to bed myself. Gonna have to stop having so much fun!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jeanie's camp over weekend

Dave and Judy Sumpter

Bill Garman talking with Steve Weller. Bill's riding "Nervous Nellie".

Yippeee!!! Me on the night ride and my new cap that reflects light. We figured this picture would just be a yellow blur.

Bill watching the sun set over the Des Moines River just as we came out of the timber.

Jeanie with Count, Jan Murphy with Jenny, Tom Rabideau with Scooby, and Tammy Rabideau with Chesney getting ready for the "night ride".

We had a great time at Jeanie's this weekend camping and all. Rode Saturday afternoon then had a potluck with some of Jeanie's family and their friends, then about 9:00 PM we took off and rode the trail again in the dark. That is really fun. Then ate dutch oven casserole for breakfast and took off and rode again. Down to the sandbar and all. Was a blast!!!! I guess I didn't take any pics of us down on the sand bar. That's always fun. We played stay away from 4 wheelers all weekend, but they were very respectful and turned off their motors as we passed.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy weekend coming

We have a show in Winterset, Iowa tomorrow then we will go to Jeanie's and camp and ride Saturday night dark ride and Sunday ride. Potluck supper tomorrow evening with Jeanie and some of her family. Always a good time. We'll have meatloaf in the dutch oven tomorrow night and breakfast casserole in the dutch oven for Sunday breakfast. We will probably be trying to do some ditch diving. I guess we'll see. I'll try to get some pictures but I never seem to be able to get the good ditch dives as I'm usually right in the middle of it all and I'm a hangin' on!!!! Look for future pictures. Have a great weekend all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Selling baby mules

See how mad Rosie is at me for messing with the colts?

Got a call yesterday from an old friend of my dad's. He's looking for his first mule and wants one of our colts. He fell in love with Mocassin who is very friendly and repectful - well as respectful as a three month old can be. I am attaching pics of this two as you guys haven't seen them for a few months/weeks. They are growing and becoming wonderful little girls. Mocassin begs for attention but then Rosie gets upset as she likes attention and kisses too. Enjoy attached pics!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lazy day

It's overcast here today and threatening rain and I am so lazy all I've gotten done was fed the equine, the dog, the cats, and myself. I think I'll grab a book I started last time I took mom for a carotid ultrasound. It's a mystery and I have a hard time putting them down once I start. I usually don't read much in the summer but this has been a wet, rainy summer so why not read. May even take a nap. Of course Barney (my rat terrier) will nap with me and make sure the boogie man doesn't get me. He's stuck to me like a siamese twin. No wonder my left hip hurts. Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Raining again

I got a BIG pickup load of newly baled alfalfa hay and guess what it decides to do - RAIN!!! So attached are the redneck pictures of how I am trying to save my wonderful hay. Also attached is a picture of Rosie wondering "what is she doing now?". Love my big red mule!!! Notice how she has one ear heading back my way to see if I'm going to tell her something - kinda like the kids - I'm paying attention!!!!! My husband is working out of state and has been for over a month so I just come up with whatever it takes to get through - I guess that's something my parents taught me. Use what you have.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday with the mules

The newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rabideau came over to ride with us Sunday. We hadn't been down on the river since last year sometime and boy had things changed. Someone had went part way through with a 4 wheeler or something but the floods have changed the areas we used to be able to ride through. When you ride a tall mule like mine some things you just can't duck under. Some places we had to turn around and try a different route. I just noticed the date is wrong on my camera and I'm technologically challenged and don't think I can change it without buying a whole new camera. HA HA!! Anyhow we had a great ride and I think the mules even liked it. Then the ride home from my point of view. Love them longears!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuesday trail ride continued

Here are some pics of Jeanie on the bridge and in the black eyed susan's. What a gorgeous fun ride.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday trail ride

This is an old railroad bridge that takes us to the island where we ride the timber along the Des Moines River. The first few times I crossed this bridge I lead my mule across. Now I just get a little nervous as I am a freak about bridges and heights. It's about a 30 foot drop at the deepest part but believe me those mules stay right in the middle of the bridge. When we got to the other side someone had dumped out a kitten and it was crying and screaming and the mules wanted to get as far away as they could. Jeanie and I both felt very sorry for that kitten but trying to find it would have been impossible. Maybe I'll get some more pictures of this ride. We rode in an entire field of black eyed Susan's that Jeanie and her husband planted last year. It was like a sea of yellow. Look for more pics later.