Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our youngest cowgirl

Rosie is breaking in another cowgirl. This is our youngest granddaughter who is now 16 months old. She wasn't sure what to think but I think if I just rode off so she couldn't see her parents she would have been fine. Her and I have a pretty close relationship so she trusts me to begin with. I just kept talking to her and tried to get her to take the reins. No way was she going for that, but I do think she likes them.
She has a Violet dog and if you don't know what they are - well when you push each paw it says something different or plays music. That is her best buddy along with a blankie. Well she has always seen me give Violet kisses, I give her kisses. You should have seen the look on her face when I kissed Rosie. She puckered up but she didn't want to get that close to Rosie's face. One step at a time. It certainly was fun for me.
Anyhow this picture will be in an upcoming issue of Mules and More Magazine. Keep an eye out for it if you subscribe. Angel's pictures will be in Mules and More soon too.

My big brown mule

My wonderful 4 year old mule acting like a big girl. She stood quietly while Rain and Jane got bathed - sometimes Angel would get sprayed too - but she stood up and didn't paw or grump at all. She is such an awesome mule and she's still just a baby. We have had such an awesome summer together. This means Rosie hasn't got much riding but I did ride her Saturday when we had some company here to ride.

Sticked her on Saturday - she's a strong 15.2hh but sure looks bigger than that when you're standin' beside her, saddling her and mounting her.............long way to the top but every bit worth the struggle.............she's an awesome ride with VERY smooth gaits. What a blessed woman I am to have the two wonderful mules I have. Thank you God and Bill Garman.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yay for Saturday

Busy day today. Chugging down a cup of coffee, then out to feed the equine, go get hay and a few groceries, then we have company coming to ride today and maybe spend the night. How exciting. The river is out but I bet these two guys find us some place to ride.

I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I can get to my computer but I am really excited about spending time with friends so you'll have to wait until we finish our visit.

Hope y'all have a great day...................ride if you get the chance!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend is here

We are excited here. Weekend is here and we're having company tomorrow to ride. Hard telling what kind of ride we'll have but I betcha we have a good time. Angel does very well with this group and these folks are willing to help me get through the scarey things for Angel - which aren't many.........primarily large, loud, moving machinery and the only way for her to get over it is to meet them on the road as we don't have any of that equipment.

I think the sun is suppose to shine today and no rain until sometime on Sunday. I am looking forward to fun rides and great conversation........and a little food just for good measure.

Have a great weekend and may the sun shine and allow you to do what you like.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our first real trail ride

These pictures are some of the first trail riding miles Angel and I have gotten to share. Thanks to some wonderful friends we were able to get her into some water and mild crossings to see how she handles them. She's gonna make a trail mule too.
She already has a very extensive show history and I have been very excited to be able to get on a trail with her. With the amounts of rain we have had I have been limited to road riding just to keep her in shape. I'm not complaining about that. I'm grateful that the rain gave us a little break so I could ride her.
I am really enjoying this mule. We bred her mother, foaled her, raised her and had Sue White of Rockn' S Mules train and show her last year. She has taught us a lot about raising mule babies and I hope we are getting better with each one.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obbie and Jenny Schlom at Bishop parade

These girls, along with their mother Cynthia, camped next to us at Bishop Mule Days Celebration. Their mother made these outfits except for the saddles and she painted them. Awesome family!!

I'm back

These are photos of the trip to Bishop Mule Days Celebration in Bishop, California on Memorial Day weekend. Wow what a trip and what an exciting time. I realize I haven't posted for a long time but a lot has happened in the last year and I had to rearrange my life. It has been an experience but all is well now.
The trip to Bishop was an exciting one. We had a blow out 155 miles from Sue's house. Then first thing the next morning we had another blow out. Had to stop in the summit of the Rockies to buy another one. It was memorable and VERY worth it.
I will never look at a Taco Bell the same way. That is a personal story between Sue White, Shelley Daley and myself.............kind of a girlfriend thing. And you had to be there at the time. Doesn't seem so funny when told to others - except my Oklahoma friend Carolyn. She thought it might make pop shoot out of her nose.............had she been there.........and I secretly think she wishes she had been because it was FUN!!
We met some wonderful people in the mule world and I am keeping in touch with many of them through facebook.
Hey no rain today.............equine friends - I hope you get to ride today. I know I will........ya gotta do that when you ride a young one.