Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Redneck Ranch

Just thought I'd update you on some new things around here. Still no baby out of the last mare yet. She wants one pretty bad but it's just not ready yet.

Put a piece of barbed wire across the driveway and let the general population of big mules, mommas with baby mules, and momma donkey out to graze the yard. Can't seem to keep the lawn mower working so might just as well use that to feed the animals. Sooooo watch out for the poop in the yard. I do understand when people step in dog poop as it's not so easy to see - but if you step in the mule/horse/donkey poop there is something wrong with you. Anyhow I decided that's about as redneck as we have ever been but the animals are loving it.

Spent a couple of nights camping with Jeanie and riding her mule. Tom, Tammy, and Kelsie were camping with us and we had a great time. First time in many years I've rode after dark. Had a blast.

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