Monday, May 18, 2009

What a weekend

We had a busy weekend. Saturday was our annual Garman reunion. 5 of our kids were there out of six and 13 of our 18 grandchildren were there. Papa and Grandma were pretty tired and papa was hurting pretty bad at the end of the reunion but I do believe everyone had fun and it's so great to see all the grandkids melding together.

Sunday Jeanie and I ventured out with Jeanie's truck, trailer and mules for a ride at Tod De Jong's. It was suppose to be sunny and 60's but it rained on us almost the whole ride. I was soaked to the skin except my butt and the back of my legs but it was worth it. Jeanie did a great job driving the truck and trailer. Leaving was a challenge - but Jeanie was up to the challenge and away we went. I rode Jeanie's mule "County". She is a BIG girl and she had no problems hauling this big girl around in the slippery mud. Thanks Jeanie - that was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good Grief we had fun. Most fun I ever had being stuck in the mud. Took me hours to clean all the mud off the tack.

    I look forward to the weekend even though RAIN is predicted again. I guess we can expect that in a country that waters itself.