Sunday, June 21, 2009

County Fair and Jenny's haircuts

Before and after pics of Jeanie's mules "County Fair" and "Jenny" getting haircuts. County had to have a little mane left for Jeanie and I to use to get on her - she's a BIG mule. The single pictures are before and the one together was after as you can tell by their expressions. Jenny had a little foretop that is now gone. She really did not like having this done and she is really P**SED at Bill and I and maybe even Jeanie. But anyhow they look so nice and we enjoyed the short visit with Jeanie.


  1. Those are some sharp looking mules! Thanks for helping grandma out with the grooming :)

  2. Wouldn't have it any other way!! The mules are great!!! Both are older mules. Jenny (the red dun) is 20+ and County Fair is 15 or so. She is a big black bay that is a ball to ride. I get to ride her a couple times a week with Jeanie riding Jenny. Jeanie lost her husband in February who was her constant company and riding buddy. Jenny was Glen's mule. I've been lucky enough to ride her also. I do have my own mule to ride but how can you pass up an invitation to ride and all you have to do is bring the boots??????