Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WOW it hasn't rained yet today

No rain yet today but I do believe it will rain some tonight. I spent part of my afternoon taking a break from work and visiting with Jeanie. We didn't ride today. Her lot is like a bottomless pit so we decided to sit inside, eat tacos and relax. It was great but then I had to go back to work for a few hours.

My mule has realized I'm getting her out every night and giving her feed. She meets me at the gate and I take her to the hitch rail to feed her. I have had Rosie about 2 1/2 years and am just now getting her to nicker to me. I rarely tie her to the hitch rail as she wanders the yard with a halter and lead dragging and never leaves the yard. Today I just wrapped her rope around the hitch rail and left her to eat her grain while I fed the others. She had no clue all she had to do was pull on the rope to move on to the grass. She was pretty upset when she found this out. Missed some good green grass she did.
The attached picture is of Rosie and I TRYING to play polo at the Clark County Mule Festival in Kahoka, Missouri last year. She HATED the ball. How do you like the hat?


  1. The hat makes you look mah-vah-lous!

    A way to a mule's heart is through her stomach...LOL.

    We enjoyed a rainless day also. But the heat was pretty darned awful.

  2. Sounds like the mule won't make that mistake grass is so important. Speaking of which, I've got to go bring mine in for her noon nap. Very routinized, my mule.

    The polo match looks serious. Did you ever get her close to the polo ball?

  3. No - I ended up letting an alternate take my place because I was worried about her hurting us both trying to jump a panel or something like that. She also does not like other animals running head on into her space. She definately likes the green grass and a spot of grain now and then. Love them mules!!!!!!!!!!