Monday, July 27, 2009

These are pictures of the Drakesville Mule Show. Top left is Tom Rabideau jumping Chesney. Top right is me on the rail with the turquiose blouse and Tammy Rabieau on the right on Chesney. Second row left is the line up in Walk Trot. Last picture is Rosie and I. We had sooo much fun. We're not all that fast but we have just as much fun as the ones who are fast. I love riding my mule so I really don't care what we do whether it's riding or showing but I would MUCH rather trail ride. That's where we both have the most fun and confidence.

Bill however decided - or I guess Nellie decided - to show he could do an 8 second ride. He put a tie down on her and pulled it WAY down. When he got to the arena he asked her for a lope and when she got to the end of the tiedown and it pinched her nose she went into a full out bucking mode. Spectators say all 4 of her feet were above the arena fence. As his family jewels are taking a severe beating he decided he was going to have to jump off. Got one foot caught in the stirrup and did the splits. I reckon he's pulled EVERY groin muscle along with bruising his testicles. Then later he decides he'll do the surf board race. Riding Nellie again and not sure if she'll just run off or not he only dallied twice around the saddle horn. When he got to the east end he started to loose the rope and it was burning his hands so he let it go. Well there was a small knot on the end of the lariat and it spun around VERY QUICKLY and snapped him in the belly. He has a welt 6" by 2" there.

Then I stepped of my mule and rolled over my right anklle on a rock. Could barely walk but got my mule untacked and fed then went to bed myself. Gonna have to stop having so much fun!!!


  1. There are good days and there are bad days when showing mules. I'd have to say that this was not one of those good days! Hope that you have a good soaking tub! ;o)

  2. You looked quite 'smart' dressed up and showing! Sorry to hear you hurt yourself.

    Ouch for Bill, pulled groin muscles are a pretty painful.

    Think about it this'll have something to talk about in the future!

  3. He's a man and I am unable to tell him anything so he has to learn his lessons the hard way. He's hurting pretty bad - but see a doctor??? NO WAY!!! Maybe he'll get to the chiropractor this weekend. That usually helps a lot. One more show this year. The IDMS State Show and Futurities the last weekend in August.