Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday with the mules

The newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rabideau came over to ride with us Sunday. We hadn't been down on the river since last year sometime and boy had things changed. Someone had went part way through with a 4 wheeler or something but the floods have changed the areas we used to be able to ride through. When you ride a tall mule like mine some things you just can't duck under. Some places we had to turn around and try a different route. I just noticed the date is wrong on my camera and I'm technologically challenged and don't think I can change it without buying a whole new camera. HA HA!! Anyhow we had a great ride and I think the mules even liked it. Then the ride home from my point of view. Love them longears!!!


  1. Everything is just so green. We should really enjoy these pictures next winter.

    The moon will be full tomorrow night.

  2. Are we gonna do a moonlight ride?

  3. Oh wow! Such beautiful lush greens on Jan 20th! I'm kidding.
    Those storms changed our timber and valleys too. And I can totally relate to riding a tall!!!