Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Selling baby mules

See how mad Rosie is at me for messing with the colts?

Got a call yesterday from an old friend of my dad's. He's looking for his first mule and wants one of our colts. He fell in love with Mocassin who is very friendly and repectful - well as respectful as a three month old can be. I am attaching pics of this two as you guys haven't seen them for a few months/weeks. They are growing and becoming wonderful little girls. Mocassin begs for attention but then Rosie gets upset as she likes attention and kisses too. Enjoy attached pics!!!


  1. Badger gets ticked when I work with Siera and Sunshine or ride another animal.
    They get so possessive!

    Beautiful colts!

  2. Thanks. Rosie thinks they're just brats!!

  3. I guess it's a mule thing, cause Polly will sulk if I ride the horse and not her.
    Glad that you shared the baby photos with us...their getting so BIG!

  4. Our colts have all been big except for one. That colt is a 2 year old and he was sold to the gentleman who owned the Percheron mares we serviced this spring. My three year old that is in training right now will mature more than 16 hands - I reckon I'll need a mounting block someday to get on her. Loooong way to the top and loooong way down too. Thanks for your compliments on the babies.