Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My big brown mule

My wonderful 4 year old mule acting like a big girl. She stood quietly while Rain and Jane got bathed - sometimes Angel would get sprayed too - but she stood up and didn't paw or grump at all. She is such an awesome mule and she's still just a baby. We have had such an awesome summer together. This means Rosie hasn't got much riding but I did ride her Saturday when we had some company here to ride.

Sticked her on Saturday - she's a strong 15.2hh but sure looks bigger than that when you're standin' beside her, saddling her and mounting her.............long way to the top but every bit worth the struggle.............she's an awesome ride with VERY smooth gaits. What a blessed woman I am to have the two wonderful mules I have. Thank you God and Bill Garman.


  1. You are lucky. Angel is proving to be ... an 'Angel'!

  2. She was a true diva on Thursday. I left her tied most of the day with the saddle on........danged youngster. Tried to cow kick me when I was tacking her. I got it done and she wore it most of the day standing at the hitch rail. But I contine to take Sue White's advice that "she's only a baby." She'll be a rock like Rosie at Rosie's age. Thank you Val!!

  3. Came over from mj blog about her mule. I like mules almost more than horses though I was always around work horses and then I was a cowboy in Arizona one summer and rose range horses. I like the smell of the leather and the sweat of the horse. I also like to smell a dog's foot and that grosses out my granddaughter. lol