Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our youngest cowgirl

Rosie is breaking in another cowgirl. This is our youngest granddaughter who is now 16 months old. She wasn't sure what to think but I think if I just rode off so she couldn't see her parents she would have been fine. Her and I have a pretty close relationship so she trusts me to begin with. I just kept talking to her and tried to get her to take the reins. No way was she going for that, but I do think she likes them.
She has a Violet dog and if you don't know what they are - well when you push each paw it says something different or plays music. That is her best buddy along with a blankie. Well she has always seen me give Violet kisses, I give her kisses. You should have seen the look on her face when I kissed Rosie. She puckered up but she didn't want to get that close to Rosie's face. One step at a time. It certainly was fun for me.
Anyhow this picture will be in an upcoming issue of Mules and More Magazine. Keep an eye out for it if you subscribe. Angel's pictures will be in Mules and More soon too.


  1. I did Mules and More for years...don't subscribe or write for it any longer...but that is cool!


  2. You got that right Gail. I was 2 when I started. It is just in your're blood if you truely are a cowgirl...........