Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm back

These are photos of the trip to Bishop Mule Days Celebration in Bishop, California on Memorial Day weekend. Wow what a trip and what an exciting time. I realize I haven't posted for a long time but a lot has happened in the last year and I had to rearrange my life. It has been an experience but all is well now.
The trip to Bishop was an exciting one. We had a blow out 155 miles from Sue's house. Then first thing the next morning we had another blow out. Had to stop in the summit of the Rockies to buy another one. It was memorable and VERY worth it.
I will never look at a Taco Bell the same way. That is a personal story between Sue White, Shelley Daley and myself.............kind of a girlfriend thing. And you had to be there at the time. Doesn't seem so funny when told to others - except my Oklahoma friend Carolyn. She thought it might make pop shoot out of her nose.............had she been there.........and I secretly think she wishes she had been because it was FUN!!
We met some wonderful people in the mule world and I am keeping in touch with many of them through facebook.
Hey no rain today.............equine friends - I hope you get to ride today. I know I will........ya gotta do that when you ride a young one.


  1. I'm so thrilled to see you update us on your Blog!

    No riding for me today or tomorrow.
    BUT July 4th will be a fun day for riding!

  2. Thanks Val. I think we are going to Missouri on the 4th. Probably ride with some folks down by Chariton on Saturday down at Stephen's Forest. Just do a day ride thing. Too much stuff to be done. Got 3 extra mares here and they need to go home as soon as they are done. Have a great 4th and I'm glad to be back.

  3. Bishop is a wonderful experience, even if you didn't ride or even like mules. I've been there many times. As a matter of fact that's where I bought my mule in 1988. Glad that you are blogging again, and glad that you enjoyed Mule Days .... Bishop style.