Friday, September 25, 2009

Next cowgirl in our family

Kiara's mom has said she can ride mules when she gets big enough. I am encouraging her to bring her out to meet the mules and get use to those big ole' ears. I have an 18 year old jenny donkey that I will start teaching her to lead animals with. The jenny is very respectful and will not get into your space unless asked. She's a great teacher with my young mules and I believe she will help the young kids to feel safe around equine. Lot of teaching to be done there but I've already started 3 other granddaughters. Don't have any grandsons that are interested in riding.

I babysit Kiara every Tuesday so her mom can get a break and earn a few more dollars and I can let Kiara know about her crazy mule loving Noni. Please pray for Kiara. he he he
If you look closely you'll see her new teeth on the bottom. She is 7 months old. She is a beautiful girl. Can't you just see her in those bling bling blouses in the lead line???????????

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