Sunday, September 6, 2009

Riding Angel

I rode Angel again today. She is sweet!!!! She lopes a wonderfully smooth lope and she loves to do it. She can really cover ground and it's just an easy lope for her. She is so gangly right now and sometimes she gets her legs all tangled up. She launched us over a small water crossing today. Gonna have to work on that but I just couldn't do it again today. She was our first mule colt and a beauty at that. She won the 2006 weanling molly futurity and many other classes her weanling and yearling years. We didn't show her at 2. She went to Sue White of Rockn S Mules last fall and got 30 days of basic ground work and taught to respect some. See we wanted this colt so bad that we spoiled her rotten. Sue did a great job taking this out of her but she still tries with Bill and I and we must be firm with her. It's kinda like having a teenager back in the homestead. Lotta work but I believe she'll be way worth it and probably be my last ride. If I'm still riding after she's gone I hope somebody takes over Sue White's job cause I'll need another mule like hers. Of course she is three and some things startle her but she just spins and walks really fast. Sue has taught her a couple different ways to stop her and they have always worked for me. This is one awesome mule and you haven't heard the last of her. She is just getting started and she has siblings that are every bit as good just not as big. If you want to see show photos go to and check out the 3 year old futurity western pleasure and 3 year old trail she's the big brown mule with a light face and her rider is wearing a neon pink top with a black and neon pink blanket. I am in the women's western pleasure and the very first picture is me. There are other pics further back of me and some in mulemanship, barrels, poles, pylon alley, egg and spoon. In the speed events I have on a bright orange sweatshirt. I haven't picked out pictures yet for a CD but I do have to. Also check out the awards catergory to see more pics of Sue and Angel with the saddle on her and me holding the buckle. This is just the beginning for our babies. I am so excited for those who have Greystone babies. They are FUN to ride.


  1. Ricki did a great job doing the photography again!

    ...and you looked like you were enjoying yourself in the pics!

    I'm glad you are riding Angel. Sounds like she has a wonderful career ahead of her with you at the helm.

  2. Ricki has done a great job with photography and I will post photos later after I have gotten my CD pictures picked out. She takes so many good ones that it takes a while to narrow it down to 20. I went to this show this year with the intentions of having fun and I had a blast. Saturday night we had some fun classes with the kids. Cindy Binning, Tammy King Rabideau, and I put together stick horse races with the 5 and under kids. I got the pleasure of showing them how - somebody even took a picture of it - and I made sure my husband knew that I could lope in 6" sand and I did it with the correct lead too!!!

    I hope I can continue with the program Sue started with Angel and remember all the things Sue told me but we have gotten past the feeder cattle thing and now we've dealt with hog confinements with the help of Bill and Nellie. Angel walked right up to the side of the hog confinement but we didn't stay long. Stop on a positive note is what they tell me so we just rode away like it was something we do a thousand times a day. Everythings is new to her and she takes most things well if she has an aged mule with her that doesn't panic. I don't know why or how but I do know that this is the mule I was meant to have........gut feeling I'd say. She is really awesome and I just can't give Sue enough credit as she sent me home a 3 year old that's broke better than some peoples aged mules. I'm happy - can you tell?