Saturday, September 12, 2009

Training mules

Training mules is not for sissies!!!
I had my first and I could only hope last wreck with Angel. As I was just throwing my leg over she stepped away and I stuck her with the spurs hard at the top of her rib cage and rolled right down them like a practiced bull rider. She screamed and lunged forward taking the front of my pelvis into the horn then bucked once and off I went. Down on my knees and then I did have sense enough to tuck and roll. When the dust all settled my hubby had ran to catch the mule so she didn't hurt her mouth with the bit and make all this worse - well he told me to "lay still - assess the damages". The heck with that - my pants came down - underwear down and I'm yelling for hubby to see what's wrong as I felt someone had put kerosene on my private parts and lit them on fire. To make a long story short, I have a nice black bruise on my private parts, a skid mark on my head, and sore places everywhere. But I have learned from the experience!!
Angel is having a training session on standing quietly tied. That is definately not her favorite thing to do but I can't ride her right now. Hubby will ride her later for me and we'll get back to riding again when I get healed.


  1. Oh yeah, and the colt in the picture is Greystone's Plain Jane checking out the dogs. She is such a sweet baby!!

  2. Ouch, so sorry to hear of your ill-fated dismount. Hope that you are back in the saddle again very soon.
    I'm just curious about the spurs. Did your trainer recommend that you wear them on such a young mule, or have you always ridden with them? I wear spurs now, but they are just for effect. I never use them, I only let Polly see me put them on. I find that they aren't really necessary on a well trained animal. Just wondering if you hadn't had the spurs on if that would have happened?

  3. Big Ouch!!!! I am in training for the Olympics in the Sudden Mule Dismount catergory!! No I will not wear spurs on her for a long time and if I do have to use some I'm going to get the bumper spurs first and she won't have rowel spurs used on her for a looooong time!!!!!! It was completely my fault and I refuse to blame a 3 year old animal for something I did. I am too sore to ride right now so I have been doing some ground stuff and my husband rides her every other day for me but he hasn't asked much out of her. That's OK for now. I put on spurs with Rosie but I'm like you they're mainly for looks. Once in a while I have to remind her of who the pilot is. I will be riding next weekend at the Kahoka Mule Festival in Kahoka, MO. It's a fun time and we all have a blast for less than $50 total not counting the gas and eats. We cook in dutch ovens to help that cost as you're going to eat where ever you are.

  4. She's a beauty...and if it is any consolation at all...I'm an idiot with spurs. Let's call me spur-challenged.

    I've had the same sort of injury. It does hurt a little worse as it gets better.
    Be careful ... just as a side note, I do wear a helmet, it doesn't help with the saddle bruises, but I've had it save my noggin a few times.

    Have fun in Kahoka!
    And...Angel will learn SO much tied to a thinking post.

  5. Thanks for the compliment on my mule. She's one we raised out of our mammoth jack and a wonderful quarter horse mare that is a granddaughter to Scotch Bar Time. She is the most laid back horse I've ever seen.

    I keep finding more sore spots and hubby tells me I have some small bruises on my back also. But I am healing by the day. Not ready to ride her yet - pelvis is too sore and majorly bruised.

    Angel was tied to the hitch rail about 8 hours yesterday. She was offered water in about half that time. She is such a great animal. I feel so bad about doing that to her and then everyone wants to blame her when she has no idea what even happened except something hurt her. Anyhow when my pelvis is healed enough I WILL ride her.