Monday, August 10, 2009

Working on mental health

Finally got hubby to go for a ride after having mares ultrasounded on Saturday. We had family only visitation at 4 PM then came home and had 3 mares ultrasounded. One is open but she is an old mare and I think we're getting down to where she can only conceive every other year. So one of our mares settled and Sue White's big bay roan mare settled. Sue has my 3 year old and she has made her an awesome western pleasure mule. Took 2nd in walk trot at the Minnesota Donkey and Mule Club state show and 1st place in western pleasure at an all horse show. She will show her at Bloomfield the end of this month in the three year old futurity which is halter, western pleasure, and trail. She won the molly futurity in 2006 against 19 nice molly mules.
Anyhow I snuck up on hubby putting on his spurs. Then we grabbed a couple of pics along the road as we got too much rain the last couple of days to get too near the river. I was ridin' so I wasn't complainin' bout where we rode!! These mules are much better than any mental health professional no offense ment!!


  1. Don't you just know it!
    I've been working nights so very few day hours to even think of riding, so I've been playing with Eddie.

    Good luck at the IDMS, I'm not able to go this year due to my work schedule!

  2. Eddie will be such a wonderful riding donkey by the time you are read to ride him. He looks like such a loving guy. I just love my donkeys. Momma donkey always comes to get some lovin' when she can.

    I am not looking forward to the IDMS state show this year. I just really don't care!! Except my three year old futurity mule is with the trainer and she will show her in the tree year old futurity this year. She has taken her to the Minnesota Donkey and Mule Club state show and took second in open Walk Trot. Took her to a "horse show" last weekend - only mules there - and took first in women's western pleasure. I am excited about watching Sue show her. Long story.