Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mules and Rain

These are pictures taken off my front porch this morning as it was pouring down rain. Jane has backed herself into the hostas and I'm not sure how she figured that would help. She is such an independent little gal. You'll always find her with the big mules and her momma no where in sight. Had our mares ultrasounded last week. We have one mare of two that settled and we have a mare that belongs to Sue White that settled. She is a big quarter mare - bay roan. Can't wait to see what she has. Well the next babies are growing and next spring we'll just have one to mess with and it should be an awesome baby by the time it has to leave. Sorry to those of you who cannot step out the door and see their equine friends. Great therapy!!!


  1. Great rainy-day view! I agree, it just wouldn't be the same without someone (with long ears)looking back at you all the time. And don't forget those built in alarm clocks that go off at feeding time every morning! Wouldn't trade it for anything.

  2. Oh don't be got the rain...I got the sunshine and humidity.
    But I also had wonderful adventures!

    Can't wait to see you new babies!!!

  3. Sometimes I just don't like it when Greystone decides it's time to get up when Bill usually leaves around 5 AM and I like to sleep a little later. But when daddy donkey says good morning, EF Hutton listens!! We had wanted to ride Sunday for a while. I need to work on the right lead. But I guess God had other ideas in mind so I spent the day with my hubby who really needs that right now.