Saturday, August 15, 2009


Jeanie and I fit in two riding sessions this week but the trail was too slppery on top to run through it. I also took the time to snap a shot of the Des Moines River looking north. Sometimes we ride north of this spot and get on the sand bar and actually into the river a little bit. This is always a great ride and it can be made quite challenging if a person wanted too. But my point is how fitting for Jeanie and I to ride this week as we are both banging around inside our heads for the same reason - losing a loved one. We definately needed to be together and she is just beginning to start sharing with me some of what she went through losing her husband. We will support one another through this and find that it's OK if we have some fun as we are greiving. What a concept huh? Who would think riding a mule would be better than a month of weekly visits to the psych doc. Hey you guys have a great weekend. I'm gonna ride my own mule sometime today and maybe I'll get some pics on that ride.


  1. Riding a mule, or just laying your hands on an equine [donkeys included] are great therapy. If my Badger could tell my secrets, I'd be in trouble.

    I am jealous how ever, that you have a gal friend to ride with...much better to ride and talk...or just enjoy each others company.

  2. Hey that equine therapy for me is great. I try to get my hands on all of them every day but some days that's just impossible. IDMS state show and futurities in two weeks and we haven't got the weanling to trot with us yet. But she's cleaned up and ready to show physically. Gotta get her out every day from now until the 29th. That's some MAJOR equine therapy there!!

  3. That bitch is proud on that red mule.