Saturday, August 8, 2009

Riding again

Jeanie and I rode again on Thursday. We got pretty wild for a couple of older chicks and ran through the timber with her chasing me. I was the bad guy with the red shirt (above) and her and Jenny had to catch us. We yelled and screamed and ran and played like 10 year old kids. WHAT A BLAST!!! You can always count on Jeanie for a good time. Now tell me what the back of this shirt says. Have a great day and watch for rainbows - that will be my father-in-law saying "Hi.".


  1. Oh wow what a shirt..I've been looking and looking and I fear I cannot come up with something.


    Kudos for you for behaving like a ten yr old!

    How fun.

  2. Them are mules. Them are not. Oh yes them are. See them ears. Well I'll be. Them are mules.