Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Bill's dad is heavily sedated in the Comfort Hospice House. He has periods when he just doesn't breath for several seconds but he is one tough dude and his heart is still strong but eventually he will just stop breathing and we will all be grateful. The family is getting closer every day to letting him go. This process just sucks and that's all I can say. This family is pulling closer for the most part. It's kind of a lesson on what really is important. Definately makes you take a look at priorities. When this tired Marine passes we will all be so sad but grateful that he no longer suffers. Soon we hope. Thanks to all for listening to the rambling of the crazy mule lady. This last year and a half have been so tough. Mom had heart bypass surgery on 2/14/08 the day after her 72 birthday then we got 1" of ice and I couldn't get to her until 5 days later (I should have just stayed - hindsight's 20/20) several clots in her right leg which dislogded and ended up in her lungs. The cavity around her lungs filled with fluid (2100 ml altogether) and we nearly lost her. Then my mother in law had heart bypass surgery one year ago today and had to have anesthesia and open heart surgery twice as she was bleeding somewhere into her chest and they had to open her chest again to stop the bleed. We just began to get her back on her feet and moving again when Bill's dad began passing blood in his urine somewhere around October or November and to make a long story short he had his bladder and prostate removed with prostate cancer that had spread to his pelivc bone and right hip and femor. He had radiation treatments but it didn't affect any of the tumors and during all that he had a pathological fracture to his pelvic bone that he and the docs decided would not be operated on and the rest has already been told. Please say a prayer that he will be taken home soon. Thanks a lot!!


  1. This is a tough one isn't it?
    I'm glad you posted an update. I'm hoping that Bill's pain and suffering will soon come to an end.
    I'm thinking of you.

  2. Thanks Val!! This is a tough one!! He told me Sunday he was ready to go but his body is still trying to go. It'll be over soon we hope!!